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Health and Water purification filters


Do You know The Quality of Your Water?

Alkaline Water Helps You Boost Your  Immune System.

Has Ultra-Hydrating Properties As Compared To Normal Water.


Prevents Gastrointestinal Upset, Nausea, Cramping, Vomiting And Constipation.

Softer Water Helps A Smoother Shave And No Chlorine Damage To Hair.

Family in the Kitchen
Savings Water


Is Your Water Making Spend 
More Than You Should?

You Save 50% or More In Cleaning Products.


We Supply Three (3) Years Worth of Organic Products.


Reduced Energy Costs By Scale Elimination.

You Save On The Most Valuable Thing You Have, Time When You Clean.

Ancient Coins

Environmental Protection

Can Your Water Preserve The Environment?

We Supply You With Organic Cleaning Products And Organic Personal Care Products For The Life Of Your Equipment. 

Eliminates Harmful Detergent Contaminants in The Water.

Not Need To Buy Bottled Water. Less Plastic Contaminants In The Environment. 

Environmental Protection Water
Trees From Above
Aquafeel Solutions Florida Prestige
Public Building Staircase


Can You Trust Your Water Quality Enough To Go To Outer Space?

System Proudly Made In USA.

Six Prestigious Water Certifications On Parts And Components.

See Details Here.

The Best Customer Service In The Region.


We Will Be By Your Side Longer Than You Will Probably Need Us. 

We Offer You A 25 year Guarantee.

Unique Customer Service.  

Aquafeel Solutions Florida guarantee
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Aquafeel Innovation Water Filters


Different On The Outside.
And Revolutionary In The Inside. 

Revolutionary VortechTM Technology Make Our Systems One Of A Kind. 

Not One But Three (3) Vortech Plates Are Included In The Tank, Making Your MInerals Last Longer And  Do A Much Better Purifying Job. 

The Finest Looking Purifying System In The Market.

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